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Knowledge Panel

Elena Castedo is an American-Spanish writer, a National best seller in Spain and Chile, a lecturer, editor and activist  who publishes in both English and Spanish.

Born: September 1937,  Barcelona, Spain

Partners: A Denny Ellerman (1969-) Dalton Wooding (1958-1965, deceased)

Children: Montserrat, Whitney, Erik.

Education: Harvard University Phd; UCLA MA; Catholic University, Chile Profesora.

Awards:  National Book Award finalist; Chile's El Mercurio Best Book of the Year; PEN/Syndicated Best Fiction of the Year; Phoebe Magazine. UCLA best M.A. student in the Humanities.

Fellowships: American Association of University Women. Harvard University. NDEA.  Woodrow Wilson. Catholic University of Chile.


"Paradise," "El paraiso," "El teatro chileno de mediados del siglo XX"