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Water has both God and the Devil in it. It's essential to life, but too often it's destructive and unmanageable.
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Old Age is Like...

- At my old age I’m like an orgasm; looks awful but feels great.
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On Being Manipulative

- When babies are being manipulative it’s a sign of intelligence. When adults are manipulative it’s a sign of stupidity, because it indicates that they are not capable of getting what they want solely by their own intelligence and capable work.
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It’s been 40 years since Ambassador Martin announced to his inner circle in Saigon, under wraps, the withdrawal of Americans from Vietnam. Families associated with the Embassy were given directives and options. We were told we could always seek the Embassy for shelter. There would be enough macaroni and cheese available to last for years. At the time, our youngest child was Celiac and allergic  Read More 
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Human intelligence

Human intelligence has limits, human stupidity has none.
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