This is Key West

April 4, 2017

Tags: Key West Florida Waste Management, water heater, plumbers, parties are important

Our water heater in Key West, Florida, leaked out a stream.
Last Wednesday we had it replaced, an adventure in itself. The plumbers, my friends Alberto and Lorenzo, don’t have a truck to take such a large item.

I called the City to ask what to do with it. The woman asked for (more…)


December 12, 2015

Tags: Donald Trump, apple pie, statue of liberty

The staff of Donald Trump is in the final stages of drawing some of the sweeping changes he will put into effect as soon as he becomes President. (Other changes pertaining to walls, a special police force for religion, race, citizenship and nationality, etc. will be done next). Apple pie will be replaced by (more…)


May 31, 2015

Tags: water

Water has both God and the Devil in it. It's essential to life, but too often it's destructive and unmanageable.

Old Age is Like...

May 31, 2015

Tags: old age, orgasm

- At my old age I’m like an orgasm; looks awful but feels great.

On Being Manipulative

May 31, 2015

Tags: manipulation, signs of intelligence, signs of stupidity

- When babies are being manipulative it’s a sign of intelligence. When adults are manipulative it’s a sign of stupidity, because it indicates that they are not capable of getting what they want solely by their own intelligence and capable work.

Copyright Notice

May 31, 2015

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All rights reserved. No part of these blogs may be reproduced in any form, by photostat, microfilm, xerography, or any other means, or incorporated into any information retrieval system, electronic or mechanical, without permission of the copyright owner.
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May 2, 2015

Tags: Vietnam, Saigon, Fall of Vietnam, Fall of Saigon, Ambassador Martin, underground railroad, Embassy's roof, helicopter, USS Blue Ridge, Vietnam war, Celiac, Viet-Cong, dogs, dog eating, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Taipei, war protests, Vietnamese cuisine, war

It’s been 40 years since Ambassador Martin announced to his inner circle in Saigon, under wraps, the withdrawal of Americans from Vietnam. Families associated with the Embassy were given directives and options. We were told we could always seek the Embassy for shelter. There would be enough macaroni and cheese available to last for years. At the time, our youngest child was Celiac and allergic (more…)

Human intelligence

May 1, 2015

Tags: human intelligence, human stupidity

Human intelligence has limits, human stupidity has none.

The Ham in Spain Falls Mostly...Everywhere

November 15, 2013

Tags: Spain, España, Madrid, ham, jamón, "Museo del Jamon"

If you want to eat something very substantial and rib-sticking, Spaniards recommend ham. If you want a light meal, maybe late at night, they recommend ham. If you want a snack on-the-run they recommend ham. If you’ve been sick with stomach upset or the runs and you are feeling a bit better but (more…)

Sent from my [latest gizmo]

October 10, 2013

Tags: Sent from my iPad, sent from my iphone, up-to-date-cool

An old foggy who wants to look up-to-date-cool and on-the-go can write an email in a computer and at the end put "sent from" the latest in gizmo. Like: Sent from my iPad.
How many people do this?

Sent from my iPhone (not really)

Selected Works

A refugee girl narrates the amours of the wealthy and the class system injustices in Latin America
Novela (in Spanish)
Una niña refugiada presencia los amores y las costumbres de los ricos, y las injusticias del sistema de clases en Latinoamérica.
Libro académico
Estudio crítico del "chilenismo" en la dramaturgia chilena de mediados del siglo XX.