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Human intelligence

Human intelligence has limits, human stupidity has none.
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The Ham in Spain Falls Mostly...Everywhere

If you want to eat something very substantial and rib-sticking, Spaniards recommend ham. If you want a light meal, maybe late at night, they recommend ham. If you want a snack on-the-run they recommend ham. If you’ve been sick with stomach upset or the runs and you are feeling a bit better but  Read More 
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Sent from my [latest gizmo]

An old foggy who wants to look up-to-date-cool and on-the-go can write an email in a computer and at the end put "sent from" the latest in gizmo. Like: Sent from my iPad.
How many people do this?

Sent from my iPhone (not really)
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German Torpedoes and The Good Ship Winnipeg-Torpedos alemanes y el buen barco Winnipeg

In English
I always wondered whatever happened to the ship Winnipeg that rescued my parents and me from war-torn Europe to refuge in Chile. I finally found an answer! She was a British cargo ship built in 1918, property of the Canada Pacific company. From 1920 it was a training vessel with capacity for 250 students. In August 1939 she carried 2.200 Spanish refugees from France to Chile. On October 22 1942, carrying cargo  Read More 
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Is a "neighborhood watch" effective against crime?

Are “neighborhood watches” effective against crime?
In the 1970s, several women in the Northern Virginia suburb where I lived were attacked on our streets, and several houses were burglarized. Pressing doorbells I gathered about 40 neighbors in our house and two police officers instructed us on how to organize a neighborhood watch.
We “patrolled” the  Read More 
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How did the overweight “ideal woman” of 1912 fared as concerns longevity?

Many journalistic articles recently have been reporting that being overweight makes you live longer. Few articles, however, seriously analyze this happy “news.”

One example is the amply reported case of Elsie Scheel, a 24 year old Cornell student, who was 5’7” tall and weighed 171 lbs. and was declared in 1912 to be "the ideal woman" as far  Read More 
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I don’t expect to be happy, just not unhappy. But I’m usually very happy or very unhappy. I’m aiming for midway, tilting towards happy.
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When someone died at the age I am now, I used to say, well, lived long enough. Now I say, so young! What happened!!
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When I fly somewhere where I can cook I carry food. Tractors and grand pianos are carried in airplanes, why not some onions and potatoes?
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Many parents who have been rejected by their grown children ask, “I can’t understand why I have so much pain in my life.” The answer? It's because they are too close to the issue to see it with perspective. Most rejected parents are the victims of a trend that started in the 1960s  Read More 
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