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The staff of Donald Trump is in the final stages of drawing some of the sweeping changes he will put into effect as soon as he becomes President. (Other changes pertaining to walls, a special police force for religion, race, citizenship and nationality, etc. will be done next). Apple pie will be replaced by the popular Trump pie. The maquette for a new statue, to be placed near the Statue of Liberty has The Donald, one arm up holding a high-rise building (not a casino). All the graphics for the new money bills and stamps are ready with the image of The Donald, albeit with different expressions. There will be some renaming. Washington DC will be called "Trump City". "The United States of America" will be changed to "Trump Nation." It’s expected we will all be called "Trumpies." Millions of dictionaries will be printed to revise the present dictionary definition of “to trump,” which means “ to devise deceitfully or dishonestly.”
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