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This is Key West

Our ancient water heater in Key West, Florida, leaked out a stream. My friends Alberto and Lorenzo, plumbers, put a new one I ordered from Amazon, but don’t have a truck to take away the old one. I called the City to ask what to do with it. The official said they’d pick it up the next day, Wow! It didn’t happen. I called again. "Next Tuesday," the official said. It didn't happen. I called again. "I’m having a party, and that rusted old water heater in front of my house is not the most beautiful decoration to greet guests!" “When is your party?” In two days. "OK." In less than fifteen minutes a City truck came and hauled away the water heater. This is Key West. Parties are important.

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The staff of Donald Trump is in the final stages of drawing some of the sweeping changes he will put into effect as soon as he becomes President. (Other changes pertaining to walls, a special police force for religion, race, citizenship and nationality, etc. will be done next). Apple pie will be replaced by  Read More 
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Water has both God and the Devil in it. It's essential to life, but too often it's destructive and unmanageable.
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Old Age is Like...

- At my old age I’m like an orgasm; looks awful but feels great.
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On Being Manipulative

- When babies are being manipulative it’s a sign of intelligence. When adults are manipulative it’s a sign of stupidity, because it indicates that they are not capable of getting what they want solely by their own intelligence and capable work.
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It’s been 40 years since Ambassador Martin announced to his inner circle in Saigon, under wraps, the withdrawal of Americans from Vietnam. Families associated with the Embassy were given directives and options. We were told we could always seek the Embassy for shelter. There would be enough macaroni and cheese available to last for years. At the time, our youngest child was Celiac and allergic  Read More 
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Human intelligence

Human intelligence has limits, human stupidity has none.
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The Ham in Spain Falls Mostly...Everywhere

If you want to eat something very substantial and rib-sticking, Spaniards recommend ham. If you want a light meal, maybe late at night, they recommend ham. If you want a snack on-the-run they recommend ham. If you’ve been sick with stomach upset or the runs and you are feeling a bit better but  Read More 
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Sent from my [latest gizmo]

An old foggy who wants to look up-to-date-cool and on-the-go can write an email in a computer and at the end put "sent from" the latest in gizmo. Like: Sent from my iPad.
How many people do this?

Sent from my iPhone (not really)
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German Torpedoes and The Good Ship Winnipeg-Torpedos alemanes y el buen barco Winnipeg

In English
I always wondered whatever happened to the ship Winnipeg that rescued my parents and me from war-torn Europe to refuge in Chile. I finally found an answer! She was a British cargo ship built in 1918, property of the Canada Pacific company. From 1920 it was a training vessel with capacity for 250 students. In August 1939 she carried 2.200 Spanish refugees from France to Chile. On October 22 1942, carrying cargo  Read More 
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